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Rogan Josh



Prep Time


Cook Time



1 kgAustralian Beef
1 cupMustard/refined oil
3 cupsBroth
2 tinsCanned Tomatoes
3 tspRed chili powder
3 tspFennel powder
2 tspGinger powder
2 tspCumin powder
3 tspBrown cardamom powder
1 tspAsafoetida
4pieces of Green cardamom
2Cinnamon sticks
2Bay leaves
4Cloves garlic
1/3 tspSaffron - optional
1 cupcurd
salt to taste


1Heat oil in a pressure cooker. Add cinnamon, bay leaves, green cardamom, cloves, 1 tsp salt, asafoetida, and Australian Beef together.
2Sauté beef till it turns brown. Once browned, add a cup of broth.
3Add the red chili powder and saffron into the beef. Keep stirring for about a minute. Mix the curd nicely in the mixer and pour it into the pressure cooker.
4Keep on stirring till you get a reddish tinge. Add 2 cups broth, fennel powder, ginger powder, and pressure cook for 20 minutes.
5Check if the meat is tender. Peel and grind green and brown cardamom and add to the beef dish.
6Finally sprinkle cumin powder and simmer for a minute and serve.

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