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The Abattoir - A whole other highly regulated world.


Processing facilities are a serious business. Each plant operates under Federal government legislation, which demands registration and detailed food safety plans. The humane treatment of cattle and sheep during the slaughter process in the abattoir is paramount, as is the focus on maintaining quality and safety throughout.


Modern facilities

All Australian meatworks are required to meet rigorous hygiene and safety standards.

While each differs in design (depending on the variety of markets they service and the species they process), each utilises the most up to date technology available to them, ensuring efficiency, safety and reliability.

Some meatworks integrate both slaughter and boning operations, while others send produce off-site to be further processed under the same strict government legislations.

Regular operations

Modernisation of technology allows daily operations to be conducted more thoroughly than ever before:

  • Meat can be processed at colder temperatures while equipment can be cleaned at higher ones
  • Scanning and processing of livestock data is automated
  • Onsite laboratories can conduct microbiological, residue and environmental testing daily